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Our companies

logo de gestockalia

Gestockalia - Stock managment is a company with years of experience in the sector, whose main activity, As your own name suggests, in the stock management , from Various sectors, such as:

-HOME: Household, textile, decoration, furniture .

-CONSTRUCTION: Furniture, hardware, tiles, construction material.

-FASHION: Clothing, Footwear, Accessories.

-electro: Appliances, Electronics, Electricity, Computers.

Thanks to we have been working with professionalism for years, we have achieved, reach agreements with companies that trust us their stocks, climb positions and be a reference company In the world of stock.

logo de destockage

Destockage - Permanent liquidations is our store here you can find most stocks we have In stock and for sale, we have different categories as:

-Amazon returns: BricoLaje, Childcare, Appliances, Articles of office and many more.

-BAZAAR: Bazaar items.

-Clothing and footwear / kg: Clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.

-OTHERS....: In this section you can find some of our special stocks (Lidl trucks, unique stocks).

logo de xeapers

Xeapers - B2B plataform stock management This is one of our biggest Xeapers projects is the digital platform more large sale of stocks, here you can find thousands of publications of people from all over the World and all kinds of articles.That if everything is wholesale ... do not hesitate to do a glance!